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Wood-Fired Hydronic Heater

Our goal is to help you the consumer heat in the
most economical way using the Lil' Powerhouse
Outdoor Wood-Fired Hydronic Heater, to burn
clean, dry, wood.  Burn half the wood of an outdoor
boiler, outdoor wood furnace, or water stove.

The Lil' Powerhouse Outdoor Wood-Fired
Hydronic Heater is perfect for any house,
shop, cabin, pool, hot tubs, car wash,
swimming pool, and greenhouses.

The Lil' Powerhouse Outdoor Wood-Fired
Hydronic Heater is a perfect backup for
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Lil Powerhouse by Progressive Innovations
Outdoor Wood Hydronic Heater or Outdoor Wood Furnace
The Lil’ Powerhouse is the first ever outdoor wood-fired hydronic heater.  The Lil’
Powerhouse is better than an outdoor wood furnace or outdoor wood boiler as it
burns clean, dry cured wood to promote a cleaner environment.  
The Lil' Powerhouse outdoor wood-fired hydronic heater can heat a small or large
area to satisfy all your heating needs.  There are many benefits to burning wood as it
is a renewable heat source and placing your outdoor wood-fired hydronic heater  
outdoors also provides safety for your home.  
economical and better way of heating your home, garage, shop, spa or pool. Our furnaces provide safe, economical, and
convenient ways of burning dry cured wood, as a renewable energy source.  Better than a corn burner or other standard
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Burning Wood is
a Science Not
An Art
Made in the USA
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