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The following excerpts taken from an abstract article by the US Dept of Agriculature Forest Service explaining the imprtance of wood energy:
  • Importance of using wood energy.
Sources and Uses of Wood for Energy
John I . Zerbe, Forest Products Technologist
Kenneth E. Skog, Project Leader
U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service
Forest Products Laboratory, Madison, Wisconsin, USA
Factors Favoring Expanded Use
Important conditions favoring expansion of wood use include (1) cost savings (2) reduction of forest fire hazard and mitigation of
insect and disease risk, (3) reduced emissions of sulfur and oxides of nitrogen from boilers, (4) control of the greenhouse effect,
and (5) national energy security.
As of August 2007, about 2.1% (2.1 quadrillion Btu, or quad; 2.2 EJ) of energy used in the United States came from wood.
This could potentially increase to 10 quad (l0.6 EJ), or about 10.0% of U.S. energy use. This amount of wood is readily
available. Wood use is competitive with other fuels in some applications now and will become more competitive as fossil
attention. Development of wood energy is needed to ensure our energy security.
  • The US Forestry Service endorses using wood as a renewable heating source.
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