When I first bought my lilpowerhouse outdoor heater I located it near my workshop for convenience, which
required 200 feet of underground piping. Used the heater for four years and it heated the house, but I was
burning a lot of wood. After two years of letting it sit idle, I decided to move it closer to the house. Now the
heater is 30 feet from the house, burns about half the wood as it did in the previous location. I also have a
conventional masonry fireplace that we use around the Christmas season and my wood supply works for both
purposes. I am very pleased with this lilpowerhouse and would highly recommend it. Thanks for a great product

Howard H
Oakboro, NC

The purchase of two of your furnaces was the correct advice for heating my house and two out-buildings. You
Thank you for your willingness to help me along the installation and operation process. Your prompt and
knowledgeable service is very helpful.

I would recommend your furnaces to anyone considering outdoor wood furnaces.

William S
Wadsorth, OH