Why Us?
We Don’t Need to Change The Laws Of Physics, Only Define Them
The Lil’ Powerhouse is the first ever outdoor wood-fired hydronic heater.  The Lil’ Powerhouse is better than an outdoor wood furnace or outdoor wood boiler as it burns clean, dry cured
wood to promote a cleaner environment.  
The Lil' Powerhouse outdoor wood fired hydronic heater can heat a small or large area to satisfy all your heating needs.  There are many benefits to burning wood as it is a renewable
heat source and placing your outdoor wood fired hydronic heater  outdoors also provides safety for your home.  

    1. The Lil’ Powerhouse burns dry wood efficiently

    2. Efficient burning relates to using Less Wood

    3. Efficient burning equates to allowing for a smaller firebox with more than
    comparable burn times.

    4. The Lil’ Powerhouse has typical firebox temperatures in excess of 1000
    degrees Fahrenheit.  Outdoor wood furnaces have typical firebox
    temperatures of 450 degrees Fahrenheit.  

    5. The Lil’ Powerhouse is an antifreeze system guaranteeing the system will
    not freeze if left unfired also allowing the ability to completely shut off
    buildings when heating is not required.  

    6. The Lil’ Powerhouse uses a turbosized draftTM to control the most
    complete combustion allowing the fire the reach temperatures in excess of

    7. Our ash pan is designed for simple cleaning of ashes.

    8. Our shallow firebox allows for simple inspection

    9. The Lil’ Powerhouse P&G Pex fittings allow for the simplest installation on
    the market.

    10. Lil’ Powerhouse’s ability to use smaller water line allows for a tremendous
    cost savings.  

    11. The Lil’ Powerhouse is completely jig built allowing for individual part
    replacement if ever required.  This can be a tremendous dollar savings if you
    had to ship an outdoor wood furnace back to the factory for repair.

    12. The Lil Powerhouse P&G fittings allow for quick connect and disconnect of
    water lines giving you the ability to move or store your furnace when not in

    13. Lil Powerhouse always has the ability to lay your lines on top of the ground
    without discounting the ability to bury them.

    14. Lil’ Powerhouse is a vented system removing all fear of explosion
    associated with pressurized vessels.  

    16. Lil Powerhouse using small dry wood saves you from the uncostly
    expenses of chiropractic bills resulting from handling huge logs or heavy
    green logs.